Pepsi to introduce new ‘mid-carb’ soda

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pepsi.gifPepsi said on Tuesday that it will introduce a new soda with 50 percent less sugar and carbohydrates than its regular cola. The new soda, called Pepsi Edge, will be released nationally this summer.

bq. Pepsi, which has seen strong growth from its Frito-Lay snack business and new soft drinks such as Mountain Dew Code Red, has been searching for ways to revitalize its trademark Pepsi cola brand.

The new product is designed for consumers who are watching their weight but do not want to switch to diet drinks, which contain no calories or carbohydrates. Pepsi Edge uses a combination of Splenda (an artificial sweetener like Equal) and high fructose corn syrup as its sweeteners.

Update: Coke will soon launch a mid-carb product dubbed Coke C2 to compete with Pepsi Edge.


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