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arbysmitt.jpgArby’s has quietly rolled out its new Low Carbys menu. The new “sandwiches” are wrapped in green leaf lettuce instead of being on bread or a bun. It’s not quite clear if the new menu is available in all areas of the U.S. Below is the official net carb count for each product as provided to CarbWire by Arby’s.

bq. Low Carbys Menu
Regular Roast Beef – 1g
Giant Roast Beef – 1g
Big Montana – 1g
Beef n’ Cheddar – 1g
Super Roast Beef – 2g
French Dip n’ Swiss – 1g
Chicken Breast Fillet – 15g
Chicken Bacon n’ Swiss – 16g
Market Fresh Ham & Swiss – 5g
Market Fresh Roast Turkey & Swiss – 4g
Market Fresh Roast Beef & Swiss – 3g
Market Fresh Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon – 5g
Market Fresh Ultimate BLT – 6g


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