Anheuser-Busch strikes back against low-carb diets

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beer.jpgAnheuser-Busch is launching a pre-emptive strike against the very low-carb diets that made its Michelob Ultra brand so successful, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The brewer is hoping to get dieters to return to the alcohol aisle by running TV ads that make it clear that all light beers are, in fact, low in carbs. In addition, shareholders, wholesalers and retailers will be receiving brochures that dispel what Anheuser-Busch says are common errors about beer in diet books such as “The South Beach Diet” and “Suzanne Sommers’ Fast and Easy.”

bq. “It’s time to clear the air,” said Bob Lachky, vice president, brand management. For consumers who are on the fence, “beer, in particular Bud Light, needs to be considered part of a low-carb lifestyle.”


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