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The San Francisco Chronicle has posted a plethora of information and insight on the marriage between low-carb diets and alcoholic beverages. The in-depth article also contains reactions from a panel of four beer drinkers on the latest low-carb beer offerings including:

* Coastal Light Lager (carbs – 3.9g, calories – 95, alcohol 3.5%)
* Coastal Light Pale Ale (carbs – 5.4g, calories – 99, alcohol – 3.5%)
* Rock Green Light (carbs – 2.6g, calories – 91.4, alcohol 4%)
* DAB Low Carb (carbs – 2g, calories – 92, alcohol – n/a)
* Michelob Ultra (carbs – 2.6g, calories – 95, alcohol – 4.2%)

Rock Green Light didn’t receive the greatest review:

bq. Tasting notes: “Odd plastic, candied aroma,” “cardboard smell.” Pale golden with slight head, but retained head longer than most. Flavor is “very sour, like yogurt, very little malt or hop character,” “metallic” with a “horrible aftertaste.”

Overall: “Skip this one and drink water instead.”

We have mentioned low-carb drinks before:

* Coors launches Aspen Edge low-carb light lager
* Anheuser-Busch strikes back against low-carb diets


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