Boston Globe low-carb taste test

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productcomparison.jpgThe Boston Globe has published a comparison of 14 popular foods and their low-carb equivalents. The panel of tasters found “a few pleasant surprises but otherwise little to love.” The Globe said that in only a few cases were the tasters unable to determine the lower-carb version from the regular. The article also noted that in only one of the 14 pairs sampled was the low-carb version cheaper by weight.

bq. But there was some good news. Only two tasters, for instance, could tell which of Entenmann’s butter loaves had fewer carbs; many found the lower-carb one moister. Tasters had a similar reaction to two Ragu pasta sauces, finding them difficult to tell apart. Both Klondike ice cream bars were also well received.

On the other end of the spectrum, Danielle brand lower-carb pasta drew more than one comparison to cardboard, Hood’s low-carb “dairy beverage” was likened to watery chalk, and snack chips by Atkins, Trader Joe’s, and Robert’s American Gourmet were compared to packing materials. Most of the chips were faulted for off-putting aftertastes.


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