Coors announces Aspen Edge ad

Filed under: In The News — @ March 24, 2004

Coors announced its ads for 2004, including the spot dedicated to Aspen Edge, the new low-carb beer:

bq. Title: “Bar” & “BBQ”
Tagline: So good, it doesn’t even know it’s low carb
Summary: A free-flowing trip through the world of Aspen Edge. In both spots, we open on 30-something Aspen Edge drinkers having a good time and enjoying Aspen Edge. We journey from one bottle of Aspen Edge to another, then into a bottle and the beer itself. Inside the beer, we are introduced to this remarkable and surprisingly great tasting, new low- carb lager from Coors Master Brewers. We pull out of the beer to reveal its beautiful golden color as seen in the pilsner glass into which it has been poured.


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