FTC sues QVC over bum weight-loss products

Filed under: In The News — @ March 24, 2004

The FTC is going after television sales powerhouse QVC over deceptive claims about weight-loss products sold on the air.

bq. The complaint from the Federal Trade Commission accused QVC of false advertising of “For Women Only” weight-loss products such as zero-fat and zero-carb pills. It also alleged unsubstantiated claims about Lite Bites “fat fighting bars” and other weight loss or energy-boosting products.

The so called zero-carb pills were said to block the body from processing carbohydrates and sugars into fat. The FTC wants to see cold hard research that supports the claim.

Similar products are currently being advertised on “drive time” radio programs, such as the Phil Hendrie Show. We’ll keep you posted on the case, and their effect on other media outlets.


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