Low-carb great for meat sales

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Low-carb dieters have been fueling the sale of pork rinds to a near all-time high. The snack food naturally has 0 carbs, which is helping it find lots of new fans. Few, if any, junk food type snacks can boast 0 carbs without special processing.

Chicken is flying out of the freezer in Canada, despite avian flu scares.

bq. Lisa Bishop, a spokeswoman for the Chicken Farmers of Canada, said protein-based diets seem to have them hooked.

“Consumption has been steadily going up. The average Canadian ate 33 kilograms of chicken last year, up from 22 kilograms a decade ago in 1993.”

This year, chicken surpassed beef in terms of consumption in Canada, said Bishop, who herself has been on the Atkins plan for the past six months.

In the US, beef is still selling despite mad cow disease being discovered. Because of increased demand, prices haven’t falling like expected. Many countries are still blocking the the importation of US beef, but Americans are making up for it:

bq. Americans are forecast on average to consume 66.8 pounds of beef, 51.6 pounds of pork and 102.2 pounds of poultry this year — a total of 222.3 pounds or 0.61 pounds (0.28 kg) a day.

Pork production is also up.


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