Potato industry fights back against low-carb craze

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To combat the falling consumption of potatoes due to low-carb dieting, the U.S. Potato Board is spending $4 million on an 18-month campaign to convince Americans that the high-carb vegetable is a healthy food choice. The organization’s campaign–”Get the skinny on America’s favorite vegetable: The Healthy Potato”–is designed to teach consumers everything they will ever need to know about spuds. Jackie Berning, associate professor of nutrition at the University of Colorado and nutrition consultant for the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Indians, is perplexed by the anti-carb concerns from Atkins and other diets:

bq. People don’t seem to understand, she says, that the body needs carbohydrates for fuel–and to fight fat. “The body cannot burn fat without the flame of carbohydrates,” she says. “Any time you create a huge deficit of carbohydrates, you’re using protein as an energy source, particularly from skeletal muscle.” In the simplest terms, she says, weight loss isn’t about cutting out carbs. It’s about cutting calories.


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