Atkins warns about low-carb product frenzy

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Atkins has sent out a press release warning consumers about low-carbohydrate product frenzy.

bq. “We think it’s terrific that people have finally embraced controlled-carbohydrate nutrition,” says Dr. Stuart Trager, medical director of Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. “But as the pioneer and leader in this field for over 30 years, Atkins has always been and will continue to be committed to the science behind this nutritional strategy. If you’re just lowering your carbs with many of the new food products that are now hitting the market without correctly following a healthy low-carb lifestyle, you could easily get in trouble.”

Since there is no real definition of what low-carb means, and even then serving size can make that figure relative, Atkins is just warning consumers to be on the look out.


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