NPD Group: Four percent of Americans on Atkins diet

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According to the latest findings from The NPD Group’s new Dieting Monitor, nearly three out of four people are aware of the Atkins diet, 17 percent have tried it and about four percent of adults are currently following the diet. Dieting Monitor is a consumer tracking service that aims to capture awareness of and participation in branded diets.

“At any given time about a quarter of the population is on a diet. The buzz on Atkins is not those few actually following the diet, but the people who are trying low-carb or high protein dishes, even though they do not claim to be on the diet,” said Harry Balzer, vice president of The NPD Group. “This low-carb fad will be around for a while as more companies offer their low-carb versions.”

“The low-carb phenomenon has made many industries sit up and take notice. I have never seen the food industry jump on board to a fad as quickly as this low-carb craze,” said Balzer. “Restaurant operators and food manufacturers are doing what they can to participate in this wave, but the truth of the matter is that low-carb will follow all the other trends, like low-fat. My advice, offer the low-carb product, but don’t build the plant.”


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