Exclusive: Quiznos not revealing nutritional information

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quiznos.jpgDuring the regular review process for Quiznos’ new Toasty Flatbread sandwich line, CarbWire’s Jon Gales attempted to track down complete nutritional information for the items. The official information available from “Quiznos.com”:http://www.quiznos.com only offers net carbohydrates (total carbs less fiber and sugar alcohols). Complete information, including the fiber, sugar alcohols, calories, fats or vitamins is no where to be found.

Some of this info “is available”:http://www.quiznos.com/menu_nutrition.asp for select normal (not Toasty Flatbread) sandwiches. Subway offers this information for its complete line, including its “Atkins Friendly Wraps”:http://subway.com/applications/NutritionInfo/NutritionTemplate.aspx?CountryCode=USA&ID=ATKINS.

Quiznos’ corporate office will not give out the information, stating that net-carbs is all that is being revealed at this time. Our question is: why? If you feel that Quiznos should release the information, please “fill out this form”:http://www.quiznos.com/contactus0.asp?id=1&sid=9999 on their site and say so.


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