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taco-bell.jpgThanks to an email tip by CarbWire reader Jodi Johnson, we’re able to let you in on a secret Taco Bell item–and it’s low-carb! The trick is you get the taco made in a bowl, sans shell. Jodi recommends the Soft Steak Taco or the Soft Chicken Taco. Here’s the ordering process:

bq. “I order the tacos without the shells. You ask the cashier to put both tacos without a shell in a bowl. It will be made like a salad.”

To calculate the carbs you just add the parts. Jodi figures the bowl versions of the mentioned tacos run about three carbs.

Reader Diane Perron says that you can order a Taco salad and not eat the shell, thus cutting out most of the carbs. You can even ask for extra meat and lettuce. Joy wrote in to remind everyone that the Taco Bell meat seasoning includes sugar, and that you should add about 4 carbs to your total.

We would be interested in getting reports on the bowl versions of other tacos. If you have tried them, let us know.


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