Coca-Cola exec sees C2 cannibalizing Coke, more

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Coca-Cola North American President Donald Knauss says the new mid-carb C2 soda will cash in on the low-carb craze, but at the cost of regular Coke, water and other non-carbonated drinks. “We do see some cannibalization,” Knauss told CNBC today.

Knauss thinks Diet Coke’s sales are less likely to suffer from C2, which contains 12 grams of carbs, compared to regular Coke’s 27 and Diet Coke’s 0. “We don’t think Diet Coke users are going to give up their 0 carbs and 0 calories for something that comes back into the middle,” he said. “There are a number people, and our research shows it’s over 100 million people in this country alone, who don’t want to compromise on taste, but do want to cut carbs and calories.”


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