Low-carb dieter sues Atkins over high cholesterol

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The New York Times is reporting that a 53-year-old Florida man sued the estate of Dr. Robert C. Atkins and Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. on Wednesday. In the suit, which appears to be the first to involve the popular low-carb diet, the man claims that following the Atkins lifestyle for two years raised his cholesterol so much (from 146 to 230) that his arteries became clogged and required a medical procedure to clear them.

bq. The plaintiff, Jody Gorran, who is being assisted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an advocacy group that supports a vegan diet, is seeking $28,000 in damages. Mr. Gorran said he was using the suit to tell other people about the dangers of the diet and to have its promoters include warnings in books, other products and websites.

In responding to a request for comment, a representative for Atkins Nutritionals and the estate of Dr. Atkins said they stood by “the science that has repeatedly reaffirmed the safety and health benefits of Atkins.”


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