7 UP PLUS: vitamin, calcium fortified low-carb soda

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Cadbury Schweppes today announced 7 UP PLUS, a carbonated beverage fortified with calcium, vitamin C, real fruit juice and sweetened with Splenda. It will contain approximately 10 calories and 3 grams of carbs per 12-oz. serving. Like the original, 7 UP PLUS will be caffeine free.

“We are extremely excited about the positive buzz around the development of 7 UP PLUS. Consumers tell us the product tastes great, and nutritionists say this is exactly the choice of beverage many people today are seeking to bring greater balance into their lives,” said Randy Gier, Cadbury Schweppes VP of marketing. “Our research indicates there are times when consumers want their favorite, classic soft drinks with added nutritional benefits. 7 UP PLUS is an easy way for consumers to put some ‘balance in their bubbles’ when choosing a carbonated beverage.”

The company said it is currently finalizing marketing and distribution plans for the product launch.


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