78 percent low-carb success rate in losing weight

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A recent nationwide study on low-carb dieters has concluded that 78% of people who try low-carb diets lose weight. Furthermore, the study notes that most keep the weight off. The research was conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corporation, and can be viewed here. Below are some other interesting findings:

* The percentage of the public currently on a low-carb diet has remained remarkably stable over the past six months, at 12% of US adults. This figure has neither increased nor decreased significantly since December, 2004.

* The median amount of weight lost on low-carb diets is approximately 16 pounds; 46% say they lost less than 16 pounds, while 50% say they lost more than that amount.

* People who say they follow a low-carb diet rarely do so all of the time, particularly when eating in restaurants.


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