Low-carb 4th of July fun

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hamburgers.jpgThis Sunday marks America’s 228th birthday, which is about as good of a reason for a cook out that we can think of. Luckily, there are lots of great low-carb recipes for grill mavens. Here’s a list that we previously compiled, which includes favorites like BBQ pulled pork and cilantro grilled ghicken breast.

If you’re not the grill type, but still want some fun finger food, try our previously recommended (and highly acclaimed) heroin chicken wings recipe.

Low Carb Luxury offers some great tips on how to improve your cookout, including the often overlooked ground chuck selection process:

bq. Not much of a mystery here, but there are a few suggestions to make your burgers tasty and juicy. The first is to buy beef that has some fat in it because fat is flavor. Ground chuck is the meat of choice


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