Low-carb food slowing down?

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The Wall Street Journal is today running a piece [subscription only] about food makers cutting low-carb plans because of the trend slowing down. The article cites several examples of low-carb products not selling well. However, not all is lost–this is normal for a new food industry:

bq. Call it the food-fad effect. Past food trends show that only a fraction of new diet-driven products earn a permanent spot on supermarket shelves. When low-fat dieting became popular in the late 1980s, manufacturers took the fat out of everything from tortillas to spaghetti sauce. Low-fat varieties of some dairy products have become grocery staples, but many fat-free products didn’t last because they didn’t taste good, says Pete Mattson, chairman of food product-development firm Mattson & Co.

So far this year 1,863 low-carb products have been launched.


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