Low-carb Bear Market?

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Nathan Slaughter doesn’t have many kind words for low-carb diets in his latest column for The Motley Fool financial investment website.

“Is it just me, or is the Atkins/South Beach, low-carb phenomenon beginning to resemble the Nasdaq around the time it peaked?” writes Slaughter. “By that, I mean there is no shortage of empirical or statistical evidence supporting the claim that the very foundation of low-carb dieting is beginning to show signs of cracks that could possibly lead to collapse. Yet casual dining chains, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and food manufacturers are ignoring the warning signs and continually rolling out new products or dishes designed to cash in on the popularity as long as it lasts.”

“It is far too early to begin writing the obituary of the low-carb craze, but it doesn’t take an intuitive leap to draw the conclusion that interest is clearly waning. One thing is for certain: The low-carb trend will play a role in many investors’ portfolios, regardless of the direction it takes, and it is never too soon to assess the impact it might have on yours.”


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