Carb addicts fight back

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Frustrated by the popularity of low-carb diets, carbohydrate-laden food fans have created a line of shirts to promote carbs.

bq. Carb Couture was developed by three carb-loving women who wanted to “come out” of the fridge and declare their devotion to the all mighty carb for everyone to see. “We got so sick of defending our food choices in front of disgusted, carb-fearing friends that we decided to say it loud and say it proud — WE LOVE OUR CARBS!” said Patty Kao, who along with her Los Angeles friends, Ellie Shapiro and Rebecca Kotch, launched Carb Couture.

One of the shirts beckons onlookers to, “Be a man” and “Eat bread”, while most of the others take a more friendly tone. Surprisingly the shirts are only available in sizes up to large.


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