Atkins to combat childhood obesity

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Atkins Nutritionals today announced a new initiative to help fight the growing problem of childhood obesity. The Atkins Education Policy Initiative is a group effort from Atkins and several national and regional non-profit groups. But despite what you have heard (or will hear tonight on the news), Atkins is not marketing its diet to children. Dr. Stuart Trager, medical directer of Atkins Nutritionals, says (emphasis added by CarbWire editors):

bq. “Atkins Nutritionals does not market products to children, and we don’t advocate that children follow the Atkins Nutritional Approach unless doing so is prescribed by their personal physician. However, as a leader in nutrition information we believe it is important that we provide services and educational information that may help curtail this escalating problem.”

According to the CDC, over 16% of children ages 6-19 are overweight or obese. An additional 15% are at risk for being overweight. Among young children ages 2-5, at least 10% are overweight.


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