Fats are top concern, not carbs

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Readers of PARADE magazine–a Sunday newspaper insert–said fats, not carbohydrates, are the top concern to American dieters. The national “What America Eats” survey had many interesting results:

* Slightly more than half of survey participants (56%) say they “never think about carbohydrates” when buying or eating food, while 44% say they never choose foods because they have low or no carbohydrates. In fact, 38% consider low-carb diets unhealthy.

* Half of the nation expects the carb craze to last “just until the next fad hits.”

* More than a third-38%-describe “reducing carbs” as a permanent change in their eating habits.

* To slim down, in the last two years 39% of us have tried the Atkins Diet, 23% joined Weight Watchers and 12% tried the South Beach Diet.

While the cable news pundits spout that America is divided because of politics, it looks like dieting beliefs are a close second (half think it’s a fad, 40% cut carbs).


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