First biography on Robert Atkins released

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atkins-biography.gifDr. Robert Atkins: The True Story of the Man Behind the War on Carbohydrates” is a new book by Lisa Rogak. It is the first biography about Atkins, who is known as the father of low-carb diets.

bq. When Atkins died on April 8th 2003, his life’s work was overshadowed by one simple question: Did he die fat? Tabloids and mainstream media outlets claimed that Dr. Atkins weighed over 250 pounds and suffered from heart disease at the time of his death. The mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, added to the cacophony of misinformation by insinuating, off the record, that Atkins died of a heart attack. In the book, Rogak clears up the misinformation surrounding the life and death of Dr. Atkins and reveals him to be one of the most driven, eccentric, and single-minded public figures in American history.


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