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Editorial — According to the sales rankings at Amazon.com, low-carb titles are still selling well despite the growing popular belief that low-carb dieting is dead. With the announced bankruptcy protection by Atkins Nutritionals this week, critics of low-carb diets had some meaty facts to bolster their arguments. However, it’s worth noting that Atkins Nutritionals Inc is primarily a food company–not a publishing company (the publisher of New Diet Revolution is Avon Books, a division of Harper Collins).

Let’s take a look at how well low-carb titles are selling on Amazon.com. Remember this is the same list that includes titles like Harry Potter.

* The Southbeach Diet is currently #37
* New Diet Revolution is currently #3,338

So it’s true there has been a shift (at least in sales) away from Atkins, but after experiencing years on the top it was inevitable. No single diet book, no matter the genre, can last at the top forever. At least with our readers we have seen Southbeach become more popular.

We just hope that all the headline reading people don’t see the word Atkins and bankruptcy together than conclude that low-carb dieting is dead and does not work.


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