You eat less calories in a low carb diet

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Many people don’t know this but when you’re a low carb diet, you actually eat less calories. Many people think that eating lots of meat, eggs, cheese, etc. means that you’re ingesting a lot of calories. Although, that is incorrect. When on a low carb diet, all you have to do is watch your carb and protein intake — you don’t have to count your calories, which by mid-morning I’ve already lost count.

bq. If you’ve ever tried a low-fat diet that is calorie-restricted too, you know the hunger. It’s inescapable and with you each day. That hunger is something that you simply will not experience if you try a low-carb diet and follow it properly!

That’s the good part of the Atkins Diet: you still get to eat great food and you’re stomach won’t be growling the whole day. If you’re starting out on a low carb diet, continue reading the article for some suggestions on what you could eat on a typical day.


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