Dieters who weigh in daily seem to be the biggest losers

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When I’m on a diet, I tend to weigh myself every five minutes, thinking that short walk from my apartment to get my mail may have lost me a few tenths of a pound. It’s exciting to see those numbers go down as your ego goes up.

bq. Now, just in time for the waist-expanding holiday season, a new study has come down on the side of daily weigh-ins. Published in this month’s issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, it reports that dieters who weighed themselves regularly shed more pounds over a 24-month period than people who didn’t regularly weigh themselves. Those who weighed themselves daily lost the most.

Two studies were performed. One group of 1,800 lost 8 pounds when they weighed themselves daily. Another group of 1,226 lost 2 to 3 pounds, out of this group, those who weighed themselves less often and sometimes never, actually gained weight. The article doesn’t specify what type of dieting they were doing so I would take these studies with a grain of salt.


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