Greener pastures for green foods

Filed under: In The News — @ December 15, 2005

No one eats their greens as a kid right? So if you didn’t eat them as a kid, what’s going to make you eat them as an adult? Companies are making it much easier.

bq. In 2001, they established Prime Health and introduced Think Thin bars as a high-protein, high-fiber and sugar- and wheat-free meal replacement. Falsetto said the bars aligned with their own eating habits and were first marketed in health food stores to those on restricted diets such as people with diabetes or celiac disease. Then, the low-carb craze hit. Even as the emphasis on low-carb decreased sales of baked goods, the sales of food bars increased, according to a February 2004 article by Baking Management, a trade organization.

Read on for more info on the new product lines being launched by Prime Health.


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