Low carb diet keeps you awake

Filed under: Low-carb Stores — @ December 15, 2005

I have several blog search feeds in my RSS reader for searches like “low carb,” “atkins,” etc. I usually don’t post anything from these personal blogs, but this post made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

Mike’s gripe about the Atkins diet is, “[the] inability to go four seconds without telling someone you’re on the Atkins Diet.” Which is true. A year ago when the Atkins diet was in full swing, it seems everyone was doing it and more importantly, talking about it. He then goes on, exaggerating gracefully, what people on the Atkins diet say while at a restaurant:

bq. While some of you out there may have quite fine upstanding low-carb dieting folks, several of your fellow dieters ruined it for you by constantly making bullhorn proclamations, especially in restaurants: “Yeah, I’ll have the bacon burger with extra bacon, BUT HOLD THE BUN – ATKINS! Oh, and throw a pork chop and a wheel of cheddar on top.”

I busted out laughing that my girlfriend just kinda looked at me funny. Mike’s wife said he should try to get on the Atkins diet because he was feeling very sleepy after he ate lunch every day. He took a stab at it and it worked! He continues to joke about what his wife tells him to eat, saying that one day his wife will tell him, “OK, around 11ish, you need to drink the blood from a baby sparrow, and eat your left thumb. Do it. Now.”

A great read if you’re looking for some tasteful jokes on dieting.


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