Sharp promoting “Water Oven” to produce low fat/low carlorie foods

Filed under: New Product — @ December 18, 2005

Jimmy Moore has an interesting post about the new Sharp Healsio Water Oven, which “allows low-carlorie and low-salt cooking.” Currently it’s only available to the people of the Phillipines and Sharp is touting:

bq. Too much fat and salt in a diet can cause damage to one’s health. These have been linked to numerous illnesses such as hypertension, obesity, and heart diseases if consumed in high quantity … This is guaranteed to make cooking and eating a better and healthier experience for Filipinos who can’t stay away from fatty and salty foods.

BUT, Jimmy has a problem:

bq. Sharp would be well-advised to steer clear of such total nonsense, let alone produce products that will, in all likelihood, compound and contribute to this very obesity epidemic. Instead of being “healthy”, a low-fat, low-salt diet will without any doubt aggravate and compound modern obesity-driven illnesses like diabetes, heart decease, atherosclerosis and CVE’s – not to mention the “usual”, long and sad list of associated “modern” deceases.

Continue reading for a full letter that Jimmy wrote to Sharp, giving them his honest opinion on how they’re just tricking their consumers. A very interesting read!


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