Atkins not only for those wanting to lose weight

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ December 22, 2005

I read this whole article on “The Atkins Method: Is it Right for You?” and noticed there was an interesting comment at the beginning.

bq. Supporters of Atkins say just about anyone can slim down using their program. However, there are certain people that are most likely to benefit from the Atkins plan. These include yo-yo dieters, who find themselves losing weight, only to gain it back again; dieters who feel constantly hungry; and those who eat for emotional reasons. Binge eaters and constant snackers can also benefit from the Atkins program. In addition, those who suffer from a food addiction are prime candidates for Atkins.

The article ends on a bad note, but keep in mind, the key to Atkins is if your Doctor says you’re healthy and want to get on a diet, Atkins will be your best bet!


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