Low carb refried beans recipe

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I’ve never tried black soy beans, but still am a huge fan of black or pinto beans so I’m loving this. My suggestion: put some chopped onions in it for a an extra kick! This is also a great way to get your fiber!

* 1-2 strips of bacon, cut into small pieces
* 1 can black soy beans
* 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
* salt or seasoning salt and pepper to taste
* 2 T cream or milk

Fry bacon pieces until crispy.

2. Carefully add beans (it may splatter).

3. Stir, and mash beans. I use a potato masher, or sometimes a stick blender. You could put them in blender.

4. Add seasonings and adjust to taste. Heat until bubbling.

5. Add cream or milk, and serve.

Each of 4 servings has 4.5 grams effective carbohydrate plus almost 6 grams of fiber.

Recipe from Laura Dolson’s Low Carb Diet Blog on About.com.


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