Atkins Diet used to treat epilepsy

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I’ve posted about this before, but now there’s a Web site supporting this claim. Michael, father of three, had a daughter who began having seizures in 1999. After many attempts of medicines from the doctors, he read the study conducted by The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurology Center and ended up giving it a shot. His daughter now only has 15 seizures a day compared to the 100+ she was having. In his upcoming eBook, Michael will answer the following questions:

* How much time is required to implement the Atkins for seizures diet?
* What are some of the emotional hurdles that will be faced?
* How can we get our child to eat differently than the family and her classmates?
* What kind of complications and side effects may arise?
* I thought the Atkins diet is for weight loss – how can I keep my growing child from losing weight on the diet?
* Why does this work?

Be sure to check out his blog as well as his informational Web site.


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