Satiety From Protein-Rich, Low-Carb Diet Controls Hunger

Filed under: Health — @ February 25, 2006

There’s a new buzz word in the wonderful world of health and dieting — SATIETY! You know, it’s that feeling of being “full” after a meal that is directly affected by the kind of macronutrients we put in our mouths.

The scientific studies being conducted by people like Australia’s Dr. Manny Noakes on the effects of protein on the body have shown it really is the key to lasting weight loss because of its satiating effects.

bq. What makes the low-carb lifestyle so incredibly effective? Are you ready for this media, health experts and doctors? I’ve got the answer for you about why low-carb living is so beloved and cherished by those of us who make this our permanent lifestyle change. And it’s simple really. It’s all about SATIETY!

Read more about why satiety is important when you want to lose weight and how following a low-carb lifestyle is part of that process by clicking here.


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