The Dean Ornish ‘Healthy’ Lifestyle Challenge

Filed under: In The News — @ February 25, 2006

Ever since a landmark 8-year study of low-fat diets was released earlier this month clearly stating that lowering your fat intake has not been an effective way to manage your weight or prevent disease as has always been assumed by our government and health leaders, the low-fat apologists have been out in full force in the media attempting to spin this news in such a way as to confuse the public about how devastating this errant low-fat lie has been for the past three decades.

Among the loudest of those voices is Mr. Low-Fat Diet himself Dr. Dean Ornish. After he wrote a column for Newsweek magazine attempting to “explain” the results of the low-fat study to us (while simultaneously trying to keep the walls from caving in on everything he believes about health), I sent my weight loss success story and expressed my genuine concerns about what Dr. Ornish had said in that column directly to his Preventative Medicine Research Institute for a response.

Within a few days, I got an e-mail reply from Donna J. Platt who may not have realized she was opening a new can of worms when she wrote the following statement about what she and Dr. Ornish believe regarding “healthy” lifestyle choices:

bq. We wish you much success as you continue your journey towards a more healthful way of living! I am glad you found something that works for you. Not everything works for absolutely everybody!

That last statement by Platt is what has motivated me to issue a direct challenge to Dr. Ornish since people in his organization seem to believe that “not everything works for absolutely everbody.”

bq. How about we encourage Platt and the Preventative Medicine Research Institute led by Dr. Ornish to lead the way in sharing MANY different ways for people to achieve better health? Low-fat, low-calorie, and YES, even low-carb should be included on that list! If there’s such a unanimous consensus that there are MANY ways to lose weight and improve health, then why would Platt and Dr. Ornish disagree with spreading this message so openly and freely?

Read more about my challenge to Dr. Ornish here and get involved in it to make them put up or shut up.

bq. If they are being forthcoming in their desire to share a muliplicity of approaches for weight loss and improved health, then now is the time for them to step up to the plate and put their words into action. Are Platt and Dr. Ornish up for this challenge?


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