Breaking Out Of A Low-Carb Rut

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ March 3, 2006

When I was in the midst of losing over 180 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle in 2004, there were times when I got in a rut. For people who have struggled with their weight their entire life, it’s hard to believe that something so seemingly simple like low-carb could lead to permanent weight loss. But it can!

If you are stuck in a low-carb rut and want to kickstart your low-carb lifestyle into high gear, then here is a five-step plan of action for you:

1. Buy a good low-carb book and learn what low-carb is all about.
2. Empty your cupboards and fridge of carb-loaded foods.
3. Stock up on high-quality, low-carb foods.
4. Be confident that this is the right thing for you to do.
5. Execute the plan as if your life depended on it (and it very well may!).

Is low-carb for everyone? Not necessarily. But it may be just the thing for YOU!


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