FREE SAMPLES Of Great-Tasting Salt Substitute AlsoSalt Available

Filed under: New Product — @ March 3, 2006

Most of us know how important it is that we lower the amount of salt in our diet, but how many people take a proactive role in making that happen? Not many.

That’s why we should look for alternatives that are sodium-free and taste like the salt we enjoy so much. Look no further than AlsoSalt.

I know what you are thinking — “I’ve put salt substitutes on my food before and have not been very impressed with them.”

bq. You’ve already tried and nearly puked on those disgusting salt substitutes that taste so bitter they make your lips pucker up like you’re kissing your chewing tobacca spittin’ Aunt Thelma directly on the lips! EWWWW! And while Mrs. Dash is certainly a nice product to put on SOME foods you would normally salt, the idea of shaking that product on eggs just makes my stomach turn.

That’s where AlsoSalt is different. It is used just like salt to flavor the foods you would normally put salt on. And that nasty wang is gone because of a special blending process.

bq. Each 1/4 teaspoon serving of AlsoSalt is made with 356mg potassium, an important ingredient early on when you are livin’ la vida low-carb to help ward off those painful leg cramps, as well as 290mg L-lysine mono-hydrochloride, which is used to help cover the bitter aftertaste that you usually taste in those “other” salt substitutes (you know which ones I’m talking about!).

Click here to read more of my review of AlsoSalt and to learn how you can get your own FREE SAMPLE of AlsoSalt to try for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed!


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