‘Healthy, Whole Grain’ Cereal Diet Recipe For Low-Carb Disaster

Filed under: Health — @ March 3, 2006

Have you seen these television advertisments from the cereal companies lately touting the so-called “healthy” benefits of their “whole grain” cereal products enabling people to “lose 10 pounds the heart healthy way?”

Oh brother! These cereal diets are just the latest in a long line of weight loss gimmicks that have been perpetrated on the American people.

But what the clever marketing executives for these “healthy” cereals conveniently neglect to tell people is that they need to eat a low-fat/1500-calorie a day diet to supplement their cereal consumption consisting of two bowls of high-carb products such as Special K and Raisin Bran to help them lose UP TO 2-3 pounds per week.

But for people adhering to a low-carb program, I am VERY concerned about the ramifications of these allegedly “healthy” cereals being mistaken as acceptable.

bq. This would be a detrimental mistake for low-carbers to make since these cereals are high-carb. These kinds of cereal are NOT healthy for you on a low-carb program and will quickly derail you from being the success you want to be in your weight loss efforts. Don’t scratch your head wondering why your weight loss stopped if you start eating these cereals just because they’re being marketed as “healthy!”

The fact of the matter is these cereal diets still contain sugar and other refined carbohydrates that you don’t need and are yet another low-fat fad designed to pad the pockets of the food companies trying to dupe the American people yet again into thinking they are eating right. Will the madness ever stop?!

Read more about how these cereal diets are a very poor choice for you when you are on the low-carb lifestyle by clicking here.


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