‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Lambasted For Suggesting Contestants Avoid Sugar

Filed under: Television — @ March 6, 2006

Bob Harper, one of two fitness trainers (Jillian Michaels is the other) on the hit television show “The Biggest Loser,” has come under fire in the country of Australia for what the health “experts” there are calling “dangerous” diet advice.


It seems Harper has quite correctly recommended that the contestants on the Australian version of the weight loss reality show skip eating fruit during their first week on the show, a wise move considering the fact that the sugar in fruit is just as detrimental to your weight as pure table sugar.

But that didn’t sit too well with a personal trainer who smugly proclaimed, “No one sits on the couch and pigs out on eight oranges.”

bq. Uh, no, they sure aren’t. But what Harper is trying to teach these contestants is discipline about what is good for them to put in their mouths. In my exclusive interview with Bob Harper last Fall, he noted that sugar addiction is a big reason why there is such an obesity problem.

The fact is Bob Harper KNOWS that the sugar in fruit is not good for you, which is basic knowledge for most people on the low-carb lifestyle, when you are beginning to try to lose weight and the health establishment in Australia just can’t handle the truth.

bq. While we all think fruit is supposed to be somehow virtuous to consume, the fact is it is LOADED with tons of sugar that is just not healthy for you to consume early on in your weight loss phase. Most people who are fat got that way from OVERCONSUMING on sugar which is why you need to eliminate it from your diet when losing weight. Then after you have gotten your weight under control, some of these fruits that you avoided because of the sugar in them can be added back.

Read more of my comments on this ridiculous controversy in Australia by clicking here.


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