Shanghai Daily: Atkins Diet Causes ‘Permanent Damage’ To Health

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ March 7, 2006

Whether we like it or not, the Atkins diet has and always will be misunderstood by those people who refuse to educate themselves about why and how this amazing way of eating works. It’s a fact I’ve come to realize as I write about the low-carb lifestyle.

But I will not allow a newspaper reporter to so grossly misrepresent low-carb to the extent that it is almost entirely wrong. That’s what I found today in a Shanghai Daily column called “No Carb Garb” written by a reporter named Ayesha de Kretser.

As you will see, Ms. de Kretser hasn’t got a clue about what the Atkins diet or any low-carb program is about and is simply regurgitating the propaganda she found in literature from The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a radical anti-meat vegan activist group supporting Jody Gorran’s lawsuit against Atkins Nutritionals.

bq. With people like de Kretser equating weight loss pills and potions with the Atkins diet, though, it’s little wonder that ANYONE is following a low-carb program these days. If you are, then you should be applauded for looking beyond the rhetoric of these anti-meat fanatics with their pointless and hate-filled scaremongering.

Read more of my response to this column by de Kretser and find out how you can voice your opinion about her “news” story by clicking here.


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