Coca-Cola Company Giving Away Coupons For 5 FREE 2-Liter Bottles Of Diet Coke

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Isn’t it amazing how that one little word causes most of us to perk up just a little bit to see what all the fuss is about? But most people (myself included) are generally skeptical of just how “free” something is and start looking for the usual strings attached to that offer.

But The Coca-Cola Company is having a genuinely FREE promotion going on through March 15, 2006 where you have a better than GOOD chance of winning a coupon good for 5 FREE 2-LITER BOTTLES OF DIET COKE! If you are a fan of Diet Coke as much as I am, this is music to your ears.

There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY and it is super easy to enter and WIN! You can play a maximum of three codes per day until the end of the contest next week.

bq. Of the three codes that were sent to my e-mail box today, I won a coupon for 5 FREE 2-LITER BOTTLES of Coca-Cola products…TWICE! That’s pretty good odds, don’t you think? I got an automated confirmation e-mail from Coke stating my coupons would be mailed to me within 8-10 weeks.

Click here to find out how YOU can enter and to see what other exciting prizes you can win as well.

Remember, this doesn’t cost you a dime so you have NOTHING to lose. ENJOY!


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