Don’t Count Calories, Count Carbs And Avoid Sugar

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ March 9, 2006

You gotta love it when other people try to tell you that you are doing your low-carb lifestyle all wrong. Even after losing over 180 pounds and keeping it off now for well over a year, can you believe I STILL have people telling me I need to watch my fat, calories and portion sizes?!

bq. This is something people who don’t low-carb just can’t seem to understand. We don’t pay attention to calories or fat grams — JUST THE CARBS! Personally I don’t care that my low-carb ice cream or chocolate candies have MORE fat or calories than similar sugary versions of those foods because I’m doing what is good for my body.

Even more amazing are those in the media who purport to know what is healthy for people while completely ignoring some things that are obviously unhealthy.

bq. Is it just me or is there this disconnect with a lot of these reporters writing “health” articles? Many of them like to focus on the fat and calorie content of the foods we eat, but they almost NEVER get as worked up over the SUGAR content in the foods we eat. This is a gross omission on their part and it’s high time they are called on that.

Read more of my commentary about calorie-counting while on low-carb (hint: it’s not necessary) along with my personal experience ignoring this advice from those who mean well by clicking here.


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