Can You ‘Cheat’ On Low-Carb? I Say Yes!

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ March 11, 2006

One of the things that prevents so many people from beginning the low-carb lifestyle for themselves is the idea that they will NEVER be able to eat some of their favorite high-carb foods ever again. Therefore, many overweight and obese people simply never give low-carb living a chance.

But I’ve personally found a way for people to not only be able to eat ANYTHING they want as part of their low-carb lifestyle, but I did it myself to help me lose over 180 pounds.

What is this miraculous plan? It’s what I call the “planned splurge.”

Many of my low-carb friends heavily criticized my “planned splurge” idea and said this strategy was a recipe for disaster for people too vulnerable to falling prey to the temptations of having WHATEVER they want even for just one meal every couple of months.

However, a reader at my blog said she doesn’t think the “don’t ever cheat” mantra is grounded in the “real world.”

bq. I love sushi; I can’t give that up for the rest of my life. I supplement with sashimi, but on rare occassions I’d like to enjoy the rice. And I love to go to Panera for soup and a piece of French bread. I can’t imagine giving that up forever and ever.

I agree. In fact, if the so-called forbidden foods on low-carb are keeping you from beginning your own low-carb weight loss program, then here’s your chance to have your cake and eat it, too — LITERALLY!

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