Bestselling Australian Low-Carb Book Births Recipe Sequel

Filed under: New Product — @ March 14, 2006

Dr. Manny Noakes from CSIRO in Australia released her “Total Wellbeing Diet” book last summer expecting it to sell maybe 100,000 copies. In the nearly nine months since it released, it has sold over a half million copies and the book hasn’t even come to the U.S. yet!

Releasing to the U.S. market in May, this book focuses on high-protein, moderate-carb intake as the key to losing weight and keeping it off. I had my concerns about this new diet, but stood up for it earlier this year when the pompous health “experts” in Australia deemed it an unhealthy alternative to the low-fat diet. Puhleez!

The popularity of this diet in Australia has been so overwhelming that Dr. Noakes is now preparing to write a sequel that will include specific instructions and recipes to help people implement this into their lives.

She admits that it took her by surprise how literal people were following the ideas in her book almost “to the letter.”

bq. But guess what, Dr. Noakes? People WANT to follow something very closely so that they can LEARN how to make it their own. Those of us who have struggled with weight problems our entire lives didn’t get this way because we KNEW what to do to get our weight under control.

Read more about the sequel and how I think it will be received by Americans by clicking here


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