‘Carb Blocker’: Low-Carb Miracle Drug Or Loco Moneymaking Scam?

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ March 15, 2006

Critics of the low-carb lifestyle like to make the case that people who restrict their intake of carbohydrates are always tired and weak.

They add that this side effect of being on a low-carb diet proves that it isn’t healthy for your body and that you should either avoid being on low-carb altogether or take a product such as a “carb blocker” to help you be able to eat enough carbs so you don’t get tired.

I disagree because those negative feelings don’t last very long and are a necessary part of anyone trying to lose weight as well as detoxify their bodies of the years of carbohydrates they had become accustomed to consuming.

bq. Most of us who started a low-carb program were used to eating 600, 700, or even as many as 1200 grams of carbohydrates in a day! When you bring that number down to 20g as part of the Induction phase of Atkins or 0g as part of the Induction phase on South Beach, you body cannot help but react to the change. Even still, this change is absolutely necessary to get the body to begin burning stored fat as part of the process of getting ketosis to work its magic. Until you get into ketosis on your low-carb plan, you WILL NOT lose weight. Is this process a hard thing to go through? Heck yeah! I thought I was gonna die the first day I was on the Atkins diet, but something incredibly amazing happened. After just a few short days, those feelings of being “tired and easily fatigued” went away and I have felt fantastic ever since. I’m no longer addicted to the sugar and carbohydrates that were ruining my health!

Read more about this crazy “carb blocker” product and read for yourself the reasons why a nutritional nurse thinks everyone on a low-carb diet should be taking them by clicking here.


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