Study Suggests High-Dose Statins For Heart Health, But I’ll Keep My Low-Carb Lifestyle Instead

Filed under: Study — @ March 15, 2006

It never ceases to amaze me how the medical community will so quickly look to potentially dangerous and expensive prescription drugs to treat just about any and every ailment known to man at the expense of more natural and much less costly treatment options.

Such is the case with cholesterol and heart disease. A new study released on Monday claims that giving people very high doses (40mg+) of the statin drug Crestor can cause plaque buildup in their arteries to drop by up to 9 percent. The study was paid for by the makers of Crestor. Hmmm, do you think they had a vested interest in this?!

While the medical community is slobbering all over themselves today about the results of this study, I have some real problems about the giant Pandora’s box we are now opening if we take this study to its logical conclusion.

bq. Forgive me if I’m not jumping for joy. As someone who has taken much lower doses of both Lipitor and Crestor in recent years, let me tell you I am VERY concerned about the implications of recommending a 40mg dosage or higher of these statin drugs to ANYONE! Sure, the cholesterol numbers have been shown to drop and plaque has been found to be reduced, but at what cost to the rest of people’s health?

Those statin drugs did a real number on my joints and I will never forget the pain they caused me all for the sake of lowering my cholesterol and helping me prevent heart disease.

bq. Prior to my weight loss, I took Lipitor for about a year before my joints hurt me so bad I took myself off of it. Then the doctor put me on Crestor to bring my cholesterol down but again I had major joint pain. The dosage I was taking was a mere 5mg. I could not imagine multiplying this by 8 or more just to POSSIBLY reduce the amount of plaque buildup in my arteries. I don’t even want to think about what that statin drug would do to other parts of my body if my joints hurt like they did at the smaller dosage.

Thankfully, though, I made the wise choise to begin the low-carb lifestyle and something peculiar happens to the cholesterol numbers of low-carbers — NATURALLY!

bq. But people who are livin’ la vida low-carb know that our way of eating combined with regular exercise actually LOWERS LDL and total cholesterol. It really does! Additionally, triglycerides plummet and HDL readings go up. These cholesterol debates focus way too much on that total number and completely neglect the all-important triglyceride/HDL ratio that people should be looking at.

Read more about this study and why I believe it is taking us down a very ominous path all under the guise of health by clicking here.


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