Media Euphoric In Impugning Atkins Diet

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ March 17, 2006

Did you open up your newspaper or favorite news web site today to a headline that reads something like this?

“Atkins diet may pose health problems”
“Low-Carb Atkins Diet Isn’t Safe for Losing Weight, Doctors Say”
“Study highlights possible health risk with Atkins diet”
“Atkins Diet Not Safe for Everyone”
“Health experts say Atkins followers put their lives at risk”

I’m not joking! If you don’t believe me, then go check it out on Google News. The anti-Atkins media has been armed by the so-called health “experts” again with what they believe is undeniable and damning proof that the low-carb lifestyle is too dangerous to be used for weight loss.

What’s all this fuss about this time?

Well, a New York School of Medicine researcher did a study and found ONE example of someone who ALLEGEDLY got sick as a result of being on the Atkins diet.

Yep, you read that right — ONE!

bq. Let’s put this in perspective for you. Of the millions and millions of people who have gone on a low-carb diet, they have found ONE person (or two if you count that eager opportunist Jody Gorran) who had trouble with it. Did you get that? ONE! UNO! BLIP! It comes out to about 0.0000000000000000000001 percent of the entire pool of people who have ever been on a low-carb diet!

Of course, this ONE example was given legitimacy by being the subject of a case study that is now printed in the medical journal The Lancet.

This has opened a flood of criticism of the Atkins/low-carb approach all over again that is reminiscent of what the media and these health “experts” did following the bankruptcy announcement by the Atkins company in August 2005.

Check out some of the most outrageous statements uttered against the Atkins diet in a very long time from people are supposed to be authorities on health and my response to those criticisms by clicking here.


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