A Beef Company That Cares About You

Filed under: Business — @ March 18, 2006

Do you sometimes get the feeling the foods we are served in supermarkets are exactly the very best quality that we could be getting?

Laura Freeman, founder and CEO of Laura’s Lean Beef, thought that and decided to do something about it over 20 years ago when she started a beef company dedicated to bringing prime cuts of meat produced naturally on the farm as it should be.

Sadly, modern technological advances have radically changed the cattle industry for the worse, Freeman said.

bq. As a family farmer, it bothered me to see agriculture moving to bigger and bigger industrial-farm operations,” Freeman explained. “I became concerned about the widespread use of antibiotics and growth hormones. And the more I studied the subject, the more convinced I became that natural farming methods, not chemicals, were the best way to farm.

For many low-carbers like myself, beef is beef. But not anymore. You really should demand better for yourself and your family. Enjoying the best foods you can possibly find is what makes the low-carb lifestyle an enjoyable experience for everyone who participates in it.

Read more about Laura’s Lean Beef company and find out about a new blog created by Laura Freeman this week by clicking here.


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