Researcher Claiming Atkins Diet Not Safe Puts Out Call For ‘Better Idea’

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ March 18, 2006

I’m sure you’ve seen all the headlines about this new study claiming the Atkins diet is unsafe (yeah, so what else is new?!).

Dr. Klaus D. Lessnau, the lead author of that study published in The Lancet, replied to my criticism of his study of ONE 40-year old obese patient by stating that blaming the Atkins diet was the only conclusion he could come up with for why she needed to be hospitalized for ketoacidosis.

bq. I would be happy to know if there is any other cause that could explain such a severe disease. We could not explain it by any other disease. Please let me know if you have a better idea how to explain this severe metabolic acidosis.

But he still failed to address the crux of my concerns about his study.

bq. Rather than relying on a singular example in your patient of what ALL Atkins dieters are like, how about asking those of us who have been doing this for a while to see what our health is like eating this way? I’d be happy to show you the difference it has made in my life with my weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, energy, self-esteem, shall I go on? The example of ONE person does not negate the good that livin’ la vida low-carb has been for millions of others.

Read more of Dr. Lessnau’s comments, my response to those comments, and a personal challenge I have issued to him regarding his study by clicking here


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