Sugar-Free, Aww, Honey Honey Is Here

Filed under: New Product — @ March 19, 2006

The sweet taste of honey adds such a delightful taste to virtually any recipe, doesn’t it? With a unique flavor all of its own, honey makes life that much better.

But there’s only one problem: YOU CAN’T HAVE HONEY ON LOW-CARB!

You see, as good and natural as honey is, the fact remains it is chock full of sugar which will kick you out of ketosis and prevent you from losing weight. Additionally, if you are diabetic, honey would send your blood sugar skyrocketing to dangerously high levels.

So how can diabetics and low-carbers enjoy the great taste of honey without worrying about the side effects of the sugar contained in it?

That’s where Nature’s Hollow Tastes Like Honey comes in. They took the sugar out of honey and replaced it with a much better sugar alcohol called Xylitol. You’ll never believe this isn’t real honey when you try it!

And if you have missed eating honey mustard, have I got a homemade honey dijon sauce recipe for you! Mmm mmm, happy days are here again!


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